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Unfortunately, Covid has affected this Kickstarter, and thousands of others massively. I am truly sorry that my kickstarter deadline of June 1st surpassed and it looks as though I'll be at least 6 months late on finishing the whole process ( full completion by December 2022 ), but I am doing all I can, as much as I can, as often as I can, to the highest quality that I can. 


Remember, that it is just little old me and my hands making the 1200 sets of dice, so I have to rest my hands every few days as the sanding and polishing is hard continuous labour.

You can see sets of fulfilled orders in the wild, they are getting out there, but a few nasty comments and messages about the delay in completion are slipping in, and honestly, all that does is make me feel anxious, scared and that I'm somewhat of a let down.

I apologise for letting those people slow down my creative process at times, but I'm only human. My project was picked up by The Nerdist and it blew up, so the overwhelming and amazing exposure grew the project by an enormous amount. 

The people that are supportive and kind, and caring and downright wonderful ( you know who you are ) thank-you so much and bare with me,  you'll love the end product. Of that I'm sure.

PLEASE NOTE: kickstarters can have delays. From days, to weeks, to months - simply due to the nature of inventing a product that's being funded to be made, from the initial concept stage, through to fulfilment.

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